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So, you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole & arrived at my page? Awesome!
I blog a lot about family life (Issues, ideas, ADHD, funny stories), Health & advocate for Mothers Mental health #Mumsmeantalhealthmatters

Really, you’ll find a bit of everything here if you look around ✌

Latest from the Blog

The Extra Sensitive Kid

My upbringing was pretty awesome. We spent weeks up the coast, riding bikes & exploring. We loved it. But my parents were tough, & if we really pushed them we’d cope a beating. Things were pretty black & white. Do what they said or suffer the consequences. Now I have kids I expect the same … Continue reading The Extra Sensitive Kid

Family Life & Working Less

For a whole year I’ve been in the job of my dreams. I do finance at a local community school, & it’s the first job I’ve had that fits in with my children. I finish at 2pm & get all the school holidays off. It’s honestly great. Prior to this, I worked 8am-5pm, I struggled … Continue reading Family Life & Working Less

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